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The India International Refractories Congress (IREFCON) began its journey in 1994 when the refractory industry felt the need for creating a platform where national and international refractory makers and other stakeholders could interact on various issues concerning refractories development and applications. It was also the time when India had gradually started the process of integrating itself with the global economy which meant a lot of opportunities as well as challenges for the domestic refractory makers. IREFCON provided them the perfect opportunity to interact with the international market and understand the complex dynamics of the international business scenario as well as technological advances. Since then, IREFCON has grown from strength to strength and today it is recognized as a truly global event on refractories. It is a biannual programme held in the first week of February.

The next IREFCON i.e. IREFCON 2010 is scheduled to be organized in Kolkata from 4th - 6th February 2010.

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