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 IRMA is maintaining data files of interest and concern to both producers and users of refractories.

These files broadly cover:

  • aggregate category-wise actual production of refractories in India;
  • aggregate, category-wise refractories export from and import into India;
  • typical specifications of refractories produced in India;
  • refractory raw materials, their sources in India, quality, etc.;
  • aggregate, category-wise import of refractory raw materials into India;
  • aggregate data on import and export of refractories in respect of major countries in Europe
  • category-wise, country-wise quantity and value of refractory export from and import into India;
  • category-wise, manufacturer-wise, and year-wise refractories production in India;
  • some international data on refractories production, consumption, etc. in selected countries overseas;
  • unit-wise, year-wise, process-wise crude steel production in India;
  • aggregate production of non-ferrous metals and cement in India;
  • selected published financial data of Indian refractory producers;
  • selected data on specific refractories consumption application-wise in some developed countries;
  • specific consumption of refractories application-wise in India 2000-10

This list is not exhaustive and, supplementary data on some of the points mentioned above may also be accessible. Customized data processing and formatting can be provided on request at an appropriate additional cost.
IRMA data files are available readily to members of the IRMA at the nominal cost of Rs.350/- per page (A4 size with 55 lines and 70 characters per line) or part thereof. The charges would be Rs.800 per page for other Indian companies and US$ 40 per page for overseas companies. Liaison or representative offices in India of overseas bodies would be charged at US Dollar rates. Industrial or Financial Consultants or Consultancy and institutional organisations would be required to pay 50% more over these charges. Processing of the basic data files by way of sorting, abstracts etc. will be charged extra. More voluminous data may be made available on a standard CD. Payment is to be made by bank draft or banker's cheque payable in Kolkata in favour of Indian Refractory Makers Association. IRMA reserves the right to decide on sharing of the data files with organisations other than member companies.


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